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Church Service Essentials

Church Service Essentials is designed to guide you through an entire church service, from devotional service all the way to the benediction. For those of you who have been struggling to get through a good old fashion foot stompin’ church service, then this DVD is designed for you. Church Service Essentials is specifically tailored for the beginner keyboard player, as we take our time and go really slow. Furthermore, we spend almost a whole hour on left-hand bass and right-hand coordination with tons of practice exercises to help increase your speed. As an added bonus for beginners, we have added the addition of scrolling sheet music and virtual chord names. From the beginning to the end of church service, this DVD will give you all the essential chords, hymns, and progressions needed to play on Sunday morning.

No Urban Worship Stuff ?
This DVD is not your normal Urban Worship DVD. There are no neo-soul, R&Bish, or contemporary worship type chords. This DVD tackles the minor sounding gospelly chords, which lies in the minor 9ths, minor 13ths and diminished chords. Usually we were focused on more major 9ths in urban worship, but now we will devote our efforts into showing you the foundation of gospelly type chords that you need for a good ol’ traditional church service.

Going back to our Gospel Keyboard Days
For those who have been around for a while, you remember the good old Gospel Keyboard days. That was back in the day when I didn’t have all of the technology I have now—Where I called out the left-hand and right-hand chords for you. Well, this DVD goes back to the good old fashion days where I call out each note left hand and right hand for you. No matter how technologically advanced we get, that is still the best way to teach for beginners. I take my time and go slow. More importantly, I go over the same chords and movements as if I’m right there with you practicing! Now if you take that type of teaching technique and you couple it with our NEWEST L.M.S. (Live-Midi-Sync) Xtreme, then you are sure to catch every single thing that I do.

No Bass Player to bail you out!
Many of you don’t have the luxury to have a bass player with you, so you are forced to play the chords and run the bass at the same time. This is where the DVD excels! I teach you how to play the songs and movements with and without the bass. You see, playing with a bass player can sometime cripple you from learning the foundational structure of the song as it relates to melody line and filling up the space. So on this DVD, there is no bass player to bail you out. I teach you how to make your sound full on the keyboard, just in case you are the only musician at the church.

Exposing the Secrets to Playying 90% of all Devotional Songs
Did you know that learning only a few major gospelly progressions will allow you to play 90% of every devotional song. Remember gospel music is simple, when you know the secrets. Everything is patterns and once you know the basic chord structures and progressions, you will be able to apply them to every single devotional song and in every key. I teach you these secret patterns and I give you a few different variations and passing tones, so you don’t sound robotic. You know how I like to teach! I will never just give you the basic stuff, without showing you the phatness!

Having trouble coordinating your left-hand bass with your right-hand chords.
Many musicians who have been playing for years, still have problems with coordinating the left-hand bass run with the right-hand chords. Trust me! I had the hardest time running that fast left-hand bass during a devotional service. It’s almost like your brain is doing one thing in the left and another in the right, but I will expose the secret coordination trick. I will actually teach you the first coordination movement I ever learned that really launched my bass walk and coordination to another level. I give you some things to practice. I also give you different variations to play.

Play in all of your keys
There is nothing more embarrassing than to have a preacher begin to “tune-up” and he’s in the key of D, E, B, or A. I was there before and you end up stuck sitting there playing only a few chords and everyone is looking at you. We’ve all been there and it doesn’t feel good. Well, in this DVD, I actually teach you a really easy way to play your preacher chords in every single key. I also give you the bass line walks in every single key. Whereas on other DVD’s they teach you the movements in one key and leave it up to you to learn every key. I actually, give you the main bass line walks and preacher chords in the “oddball” keys, so that you have an instant foundation that you can apply on Sunday!

Now you know me by now! I’m not just going to give you basic chords. I’m going to enrich your chordal foundation with tons of 9ths and 13ths. I take some of the normal hymns you already know, like “Amazing Grace” and I add some extra spins and flips to the songs. The #1 thing that keeps you encouraged is having fun and there is nothing more fun than to learn new and exciting riffs and runs to go along with your regular hyms. So not only do I teach you the hymns and gospel-type movements, I add some extra phatness and remixes to add even more flavor to your playing.

Number System Theory and Chord Names
As with the Play by Ear DVD, we teach you the number system and the foundation of chords. The number system allows you to apply the movements easily in every single key. The number system is the foundation for all types of music. We give you very specific ways to look at the movements so that you can easily apply a theory and a number scheme to be able to quickly play in other keys. It’s not just enough to show you the chords, but we actually show you how’s and why’s of the chords. For example we show you why the 9th and 13th chords work and why they sound the way that do. We also expose the secrets into why a certain chord and harmonic structure sounds the way it does. And of course, we give you the gospel sounding tri-tones to all throughout the DVD.

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